The right strategy is crucial to the success of your speaker programs.

Strategy, Planning, whatever you want to call it - if you're not prepared for all aspects of running a speaker program, you'll fail.






Have you determined the right strategy to make a meaningful impact on your speaker programs, the data you need to truly evaluate your teams, are you sure your programs are compliant with all the latest regulations, do you have the technology to maximize efficiency and drive continual improvement? Read on for a deeper review…


Planning in advance takes center stage for many in the life sciences industry–both in developing new product and managing sales initiatives. One aspect of this is a pressing need to encourage sales reps to transition towards deeper relationships with HCPs. Creating these deeper relationships improves all aspects of the pharma industry, from managing the life-cycle of the pharmaceuticals, to HCPs being better informed about prescription options, to patient outcomes.

But what about the practical steps needed to create these deeper relationships? What tools do sales reps have to allow them to build information bridges? Like HCPs, sales reps are pressed for time. Organizing speaker programs, spearheading marketing initiatives, tracking metrics, assuring compliance with ever-changing regulatory laws–all of this takes valuable time and resources they need to help make human contact, share knowledge, and educate HCPs.

This is where Pharmagin can help. We have developed a cloud-based integrated solution that manages speaker program planning, sales and marketing campaigns, regulatory compliance, data capture, and communication channel tools. Our platform is on the cutting edge of changing the industry, giving pharma companies more and improved information and ultimately encouraging better patient outcomes.


Do you have the metrics you need to properly evaluate the impact of your speaker programs and other marketing during 2023 and beyond? Pharmagin’s tools provide easy to digest charts and breakdowns so you can pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t. You can look at spends at regional, team or rep level, review utilization of KOLs, and study crucial feedback from attendees. But analyzing last year’s data is only half the picture. Our customizable reporting tools give you access to predictive analytics which will help you organize and prepare for 2024 in the most efficient way. Get the analytical data you need in one, easy-to-manage solution suite.

Speaker Programs

Perhaps you are reorganizing your sales teams, regions, and reps for the new year. That can cause big headaches and lots of expensive work just preparing logistics for speaker programs, before you even get to start executing. Pharmagin’s unique cloud-based solution offers all the tools you need to minimize these logistics headaches and make changes on the fly. Plan, execute, and focus on education and developing relationships instead of getting bogged down in organizational mazes.


Making changes to your approval workflows can similarly cause headaches. Give your sales reps and teams an easy-to-use resource to manage their workflows in the new year. Receive requests, prioritize projects, make assignments, manage presentation content, and get real time progress updates, all while remaining compliant and plugged into logistics and data management tools all in one solutions suite.


The new year is bringing more regulatory changes. Are you on top of all the latest regulations, and their requirements for data capture? Our cloud-based platform has full expense and ToV tracking and continually updates with state or federal regulations, allows you to easily navigate these changes while remaining productive. Remain compliant, capture the data you need and create useful information channels all with one customizable tool that is built specifically for the pharma industry.

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