In recent years, both pharma companies and their medcomm agencies are under increasing pressure to ensure compliance with regulations such as the Sunshine Act. Pharmagin makes this straightforward.

PhRMA Code 2022 #1

Attendance frequency checking – prohibit individuals from attending multiple programs with same topic, and other rules

PhRMA Code 2022 #2

Capture electronic signature with geo-location (that confirms Attendee was at program)

PhRMA Code 2022 #3

Sales Rep attestation check

PhRMA Code 2022 #4

Speaker honoraria cap management (by honoraria amount, by quantity of engagements) automation 

PhRMA Code 2022 #5

Automated speaker contract management

PhRMA Code 2022 #6

Fair market value assessment of Speaker honoraria

PhRMA Code 2022 #7

Cap on T&E reimbursement for Speakers, with alerts

PhRMA Code 2022 #8

Enforce attendee recruitment requirement prior to program approval

PhRMA Code 2022 #9

Automatic program cancellation if attendee minimums are not met

PhRMA Code 2022 #10

Transfer of Value alerts and caps

PhRMA Code 2022 #11

Virtual Program attendance logging, duration tracking

PhRMA Code 2022 #12

For non-targeted attendees, referral tracking

PhRMA Code 2022 #13

Database of compliant venues for programs

PhRMA Code 2022 #14

Automated speaker invoices to eliminate false charges

PhRMA Code 2022 #15

Integration with CRM, data warehouse solutions

PhRMA Code 2022 #16

Content for HCP Presentations is pre-approved and managed within client workflows

One compliance tool for your Speaker Programs