Unprecedented insight into speaker programs

Improve your program reach and discover how competitors are engaging with HCPs—analysis designed by experts


The Deepest Speaker Program Analytics Possible

Precise HCP Targeting

Find and engage overlooked HCPs with opportunity-potential

A Competitive Edge

Easily identify HCP activities connected to competing products

Prospect Better

Identify territories and group practices to reach more doctors

Optimize Effort

Benchmark your speaker program activities with amazing detail


Get the in-depth story about regions and individual doctors

Dive deep into complex HCP engagement data, fueled by CMS Open Payments. See the complete history of speaker program efforts filtered and unfiltered to drive insights.


Compare against the competition

Measuring cost and engagement wasn’t always straightforward. Now, quickly evaluate HCP engagement levels and compare how other pharma manufacturers are approaching doctors. Uncover if you're doing enough.


Expert analysis at your fingertips

To get a static report on this data, you'd have to engage a consultancy firm or dedicate an analyst resource. Pharmagin provides a complete normalized data model wrapped in an easy-to-browse user interface to look at speaker programs.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Data)

Already have HCP engagement data from Pharmagin, Veeva, or even Salesforce? Add more fidelity by integrating first-party transactions into nGauge and map it to Open Payments.


All About Pharmagin nGauge

What is nGauge Analytics?

Pharmagin nGauge Analytics was created to provide deep analysis of the HCP engagement of speaker programs. Using a rich, dynamic dashboard, users can examine historical, detailed data of pharma marketing activities targeted at doctors. That includes reviewing spending, regional aggregates, attendance, etc.—primarily extracted from Open Payments.

Can't I get HCP engagement data from CMS?

While the data exists from the CMS, Open Payments' purpose was to address compliance—not to measure sales and marketing effectiveness. However, that same dataset can be remodeled to support campaign and outreach insights across the industry, including between multiple drug products.

What does the Test Drive provide?

The nGauge Test Drive allows you and your team to experience the real-world depth of analysis and become familiar with the user interface. It features the historical Open Payments data to compare HCP engagement for two drugs. To bring data in for your specific drug portfolio, contact our team and we'll work with you to create your own instance.

Can we include our own data from HCP engagements?

Yes! We'd love to help model your data into nGauge Analytics. If you're a Pharmagin customer or have structured engagement data, we can easily bring in for viewing and analysis. Contact us to learn more.