Comprehensive Platform

Agency Technology

Pharmagin provides robust, proven cloud-based software to deliver complete Speaker Management Programs and Advisory Boards, including budgeting, planning, program logistics, custom client speaker and web portals

Agency Technology

We help a range of medcomm agency partners expand their client offering, whether they have an established technology or are looking to add one to their client services.

Pharma clients increasingly demand a technology solution to manage their speaker programs. If you’re looking to add technology to your existing services product, Pharmagin can be your perfect partner

  • Pharmagin readily integrates with existing CRM solutions, can plug into or even replace any existing technology to seamlessly expand your offering
  • We work alongside agency partners to present a powerful combined offering to potential new pharma clients
  • Save time and resources by taking advantage of Pharmagin’s established technology platform, expertise and credibility, allowing you to quickly improve the depth and quality of your client offering