Some Common Reasons You Are Having Difficulty Finding A Speaker

Making sure that the speaker search for your program is efficient will go a long way in making your programs successful.


Troubleshooting Speaker Selection: 3 Common Reasons You Can't Find the Right Speaker


Organizing a successful event or program involves many critical elements, and one of the most crucial is selecting the right speaker. The speaker can make or break the event, so it's essential to find someone who fits the bill perfectly. However, sometimes you might run into issues finding a speaker for your program. In this blog post, we will discuss three common reasons you might encounter difficulties in your speaker selection process and how you can resolve them.

  1. The speaker is not trained on the subject

The first reason you might have trouble finding the right speaker is if they aren't knowledgeable about the subject matter. When selecting a speaker, it's essential to ensure they have the necessary expertise and experience in the relevant field. If a potential speaker isn't trained on the topic, they won't appear in the list of potential speakers, which narrows down your options.

To resolve this issue, consider expanding your search for speakers who have the required knowledge and experience. Consult with your colleagues, network, and professional associations for recommendations or use online platforms dedicated to connecting event organizers with speakers.

  1. The speaker is not in a particular district or region

Another reason you might have difficulty finding a speaker is their geographical location. Depending on your client's preferences or budget constraints, there might be distance parameters for selecting speakers. To save costs, clients may prefer to choose speakers who are closer to the event location.

To address this issue, focus your search on speakers within the desired region or district. If you still can't find a suitable speaker, consider discussing the possibility of expanding the search area or utilizing remote speakers via video conferencing technology, which can help broaden your options without incurring significant travel expenses.

  1. The honorarium cap for a speaker has been reached

Finally, one reason you might have trouble finding a speaker is if they've already reached their honorarium cap. Speakers have contracts specifying honorarium amounts, and once they've reached this cap, they will be removed from the speaker search as they won't speak for free.

If you encounter this issue, consider discussing with your client whether renegotiating the speaker's contract is an option. Alternatively, explore other potential speakers who have not yet reached their honorarium cap and can provide a similarly engaging experience for your event attendees.


These are just three of the many reasons you might encounter difficulties when searching for the perfect speaker for your program. By understanding and addressing these common issues, you can streamline your speaker selection process and ensure a successful and engaging event. Remember to consult with your administrator or client to address any issues that arise and find the right speaker for your program. Keep in mind that finding the ideal speaker may require some flexibility, creativity, and persistence, but the impact they can have on your event will be well worth the effort.


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