How Digitally Mature Is Your Technology ?

While having technology is important, the question that you need to answer for yourself (and by extension your clients), is your technology mature?


 The healthcare industry continues to be further and further enmeshed with the latest technology on all fronts.  Many commentators have been highlighting this in different ways, as we head into 2020. You should ask yourself – is my medcomm agency digitally mature?

 Although many of the publicized advances are around technology that will directly impact the lives of patients, it’s also increasingly clear we must consider how technology can improve daily life for HCPs (Health Care Providers), making it easier for them to deliver quality patient care in an ever-busier work environment. Medical Communication agencies can play an important role in this. They don’t simply broadcast the latest information to doctors any more, but instead must consider doctors an important end user of their product, a consumer with increasing expectations. Technology will enable doctors to engage more easily with patients through virtual meetings, information delivery, allowing more efficient ongoing interaction. In the same way, Pharmagin can enable the ‘upstream’ channel between industry and HCPs. Agencies and their pharma clients can directly engage with KOLs and in turn with HCPs, meeting the professionals’ expectations for the management of logistics, delivery of content and communications from the manufacturer and their reps.

 This digital maturity for medcomm offers an enormous potential for insight through data analysis in the field of speaker programs, and it remains largely untapped. Technology will increasingly allow end to end views of the healthcare cycle – as medcomm agencies run speaker programs on behalf of their clients, they will be able to track the impact of that on HCPs and ultimately on patients. So, they can correlate the underlying budget breakdown on HCPs in different therapeutic area, geographies, and along other dimensions over a period of months or years. For the first time, there is real potential to drive and measure improved ROI, improved HCP efficiency and thereby improved patient outcomes.

 By offering HCPs tools that make their work more efficient both ‘upstream’ with manufacturers and ‘downstream’ with patients, the manufacturers will be able to build deeper, lasting relationships with the HCPs with mutual benefits in data gathering and sharing. It’s not only about budget effectiveness, but also gaining continual feedback from HCPs on their comfort, understanding and application of the latest therapies. Then in turn showing them that Pharmagin is reacting to their needs, making changes to educational programs and introducing technology that will continually make their lives easier.

 As a specialized healthcare technology platform, Pharmagin can help medcomm agencies become digitally mature and fulfil this potential. Our platform automates the entire KOL speaker program life cycle from budgeting to KOL selection to content management then on to HCP targeting, content delivery and ongoing comms. We offer tailored tools for agencies, planners, sales teams, KOLs and HCPs.

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