Pharma News for the week of February 24, 2020

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The spread of the coronavirus to Italy and Iran is raising concerns that the virus will be more difficult to contain than previously thought. (CNBC)

The decision by the Supreme Court to remain silent on when they will examine the Affordable Care Act challenge signals to some that it will be pushed back until after the election. (Healthcaredive)

With the continuing rise of healthcare, employers of small to medium companies are leaving the standard insurers to sign up for riskier plans to try to contain the costs of their healthcare programs. (Healthcaredive)

Financially poorer hospitals provide more charity care than not-for-profit richer hospitals and hospitals in states where Medicare was expanded provide less charity care. (Healthcaredive)

Employees at Walgreens reported to consultants that high levels of stress and unreasonable expectations caused mistakes while filling out prescriptions. However, when the report was released the employee concerns were missing. This raises concerns of the transparency of Walgreens when confronted with information that they would rather not become public. (NYTimes)