Pharma News for Oct. 5, 2020

There is concern that a growing level of “COVID-19 fatigue” in Europe is leading to rising cases of COVID-19 after the consistent lowering of reported cases. The thought is that the required sacrifices by people across all walks of life, and no clear end in sight, is leading to people not being taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. (CNBC)

In yet another change of course, the CDC now says that COVID-19 can be spread through the air. Critics have accused the CDC, due to political pressure, of potentially downplaying the ways that the virus is spread. (CNBC)

Governor Newsome has signed legislation to enable California to be the first state to manufacture its own line of generic drugs. This obviously won’t happen overnight as there will be studies done to figure out what will be required to achieve this goal. Initially California will outsource the manufacturing to other states, with California maintaining final say in the cost of these drugs, but the goal is to eventually have the drugs made in California. (NPR)

The on-call car service Lyft has teamed with Epic to provide rides for patients to and from doctor appointments. An advantage to some patients is that they won’t have to have the app on their phone because Epic will schedule the ride for them. Many experts think this is in response to a similar deal that Uber made last year. (CNBC)

Moderna, who many consider a front-runner in the race for a vaccine for COVID-19, has announced that it will not enforce its patents on their vaccine during the pandemic. Once the virus has been brought under control, their patents will be enforced. (Forbes)