Pharma News for June 15, 2020


Drug makers selected for “Operation Warp Speed,” the White House’s ambitious plan to develop a coronavirus vaccine in record time, will enjoy priority access to manufacturing capacity secured by the U.S. government, as well as to needed supplies like glass vials. The government is pushing to have a vaccine in test phase by the summer and to start dispensing it before the end of the year. (Biopharmadive)

Dexamethasone is an inexpensive steroid that has proven to lower the risk of infection of patients, in England, who have been placed on respirators after contracting the COVID-19 virus. The steroid can lower the risk of inflammatory infection due to being on a ventilator and speed up recovery, but it does not prevent death from the virus. (Biopharmadive)

Americans pay $1,200 per year on medications on average. Goodrx, since its founding, has saved patients over $20 billion. At least 17 million people use Goodrx every month. Goodrx has recently moved into telehealth which will enable them to help people refill prescriptions and receive information from the safety of their homes. (CNBC)

While the White House has pushed for more transparency in drug prices, Big Pharma has just scored another victory in court. An U.S. Appeals court has agreed with a lower court ruling saying that the Department of Health and Human Services doesn’t have the authority to forced Big Pharma to show drug prices in commercials. (Fiercepharma)

There are many pharma companies that are racing to be the first one to develop the COVID-19 vaccine but a long side this endeavor, pharma companies are struggling with the business side of developing the vaccine and the price once it becomes available to the public. The past couple of years have been very tumultuous for the pharmaceutical industry regarding what many consider to be price gouging for drugs which has led to a very negative public image. (Fiercepharma)