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Pharmagin’s Free Webinar on Building Deeper HCP Relationships

On May 28 2019 we conducted a free webinar on building deeper HCP relationships. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll post video soon. This webinar addressed why it’s more important than ever for pharmaceutical executives to build deeper...

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Case Study: Establishing Effective Speaker Program Management

Client Success Story: Establishing Effective Speaker Program Management with Pharmagin We know the power of implementing Pharmagin as a complete solution platform to better serve pharma customers, but it’s a different story to see it played out in real...

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Video – Smarter Pharma Marketing

Our 2019 educational campaign will include case studies and white papers that detail the pharma industry’s ongoing shift to focus on patient outcomes and improved healthcare provider relationships and how Pharmagin will revolutionize pharma marketing.  First, our new video...

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