Pharma News – November 25, 2019

Your weekly dose of interesting tidbits from around the pharma web…


HHS’ Office of Civil Rights imposed a fine on the Texas Health and Human Services Commission $1.6 million. It also fined the Rochester Medical Center $3 million for failing to protect patient information. (Healthcaredive)


A bipartisan bill that would curb the cost of pharmaceuticals is being backed by the White House as a new poll indicates that the majority of Americans don’t think the government has done enough to resolve the issue. (Drugs)


While many people tout the advancement of Big Data into the healthcare field, there are still concerns about how the data is being gathered and how it is going to be used and potential ramifications from the collection of this data. (Forbes)


The Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Celgene’s $74 billion merger appears headed to completion after US competition regulators approved the merger. (Pharmaphorum)


An Oklahoma judges has reduced Johnson & Johnson opioid payout to $465 million, down from the original $572 million judgement. (Rueters)


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