Pharma News for the week of May 17, 2021


In its continuing efforts to keep people getting vaccines, the White House has partnered with Lyft and Uber to provide rides for people to vaccine appointments. This will benefit people who live in places that aren’t that near to a “centralized” vaccine location and who may have difficulty with transportation and the elderly who may live alone. (CNBC)

New York has joined the growing list of states that has announced students attending its public colleges and universities in the state will be required to be vaccinated before the school year begins. California had made a similar announcement recently which covers over 1 million students and employees. (CNBC)

In yet another example of a ransomware attack, Ireland had to shutdown healthcare systems across the country. Currently it is not clear if enough data was stolen to allow a ransom demand, but the Irish government made the decision to shut down the IT systems in its hospitals to try and limit the potential damage from hackers. It’s becoming abundantly that there are currently very few institutions anywhere in the world that are sufficiently able to defend themselves against such attacks without making this a significant priority by private and governmental entities. (Gizmodo)

Johnson & Johnson continues to have issues getting their Covid-19 vaccine out to the public. The government has announced that it doesn’t plan to release any vaccine doses in the upcoming weeks. Johnson & Johnson had to pause production when a small number of people experienced blood clots after receiving the vaccine but after a warning label was added and then the company was given the okay to restart their vaccine program. However, a major wrench was thrown into those plans when 15 million doses of the J & J vaccine were ruined at Emergent’s (a major manufacturer for J & J) plant in Baltimore, which led to J & J taking over production. (Fiercepharma)