Pharma News for the week of April 26, 2021


Pfizer has been working on an experimental oral at-home treatment for Covid-19 may be available by the end of the year. The drug is part of a class of medicines called protease inhibitors and works by inhibiting an enzyme that the virus needs to replicate in human cells. (CNBC)

More than 100 universities and colleges across the US will require vaccinations for students before they are allowed back on campuses in the Fall. Almost 700,000 cases have been traced back to students going back to school before they were shut down to help contain the pandemic. Most schools are allowing exceptions and those that are not requiring vaccination are using “incentive programs” to get students and staff to get vaccinated. (Drugs)

The Moderna vaccine previously could remain shelf stable if stored in a refrigerator between 36 – 46 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 days and up to 7 months if stored at minus 4 Fahrenheit. However, citing new research, Moderna now says that its vaccine can remain on the shelves for 3 months, if stored at the proper temperature, which would make it easier to keep at doctor’s offices and places that aren’t near major vaccination centers. (CNBC)