Pharma News for October 19, 2020

Even though the turn-around for COVID-19 testing is down to approximately three days, it’s still considered too long according to medical experts since people don’t know whether they are infected and unknowingly spreading the virus. It has also been shown that it takes, on the average, an extra 24 hours for minority tests to come back. (NPR)

As Pfizer nears the end of their R & D cycle for their vaccine for COVID-19, they are setting up a supply / storage chain nationally and internationally. Digging deeper into the process shows the massive undertaking it will be to successfully distribute the vaccine once it becomes available. Pfizer has a contract with the U.S. government for 100 million doses this year and 1.3 billion next year. The volume of storage space, transportation (on the road and in the air) and getting the vaccine to the distribution sites so that it can be given to the people is mind boggling. (Fiercepharma)

The pauses in various COVID-19 vaccines trials shouldn’t alarm people stated Stephen Hahn, the head of the FDA. If anything, the delays should give the general public greater confidence that when the vaccine becomes available, they will be safer for the public to take because the safety protocols during the research phase caught the issues before the vaccine went into production or was being given to people. (Fiercepharma)

Infectious diseases experts are warning that even when a vaccine for COVID-19 is developed and released, it’s very possible that the virus could become endemic like the flu. Doctors are telling people to prepare to live with the virus and that they will probably have to get a yearly vaccination. (CNBC)