Pharma News for November 2, 2020

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With yet another wave of COVID-19 beginning to hit across the U.S., the White House has announced that the majority of private health insurers will be required to pay for a vaccine once it becomes available and approved by the CDC. (Biopharmadive)

England, Germany and France are beginning new stay-at-home orders this week as COVID-19 numbers in Europe soar and strain medical facilities, fulfilling the warnings issued by medical experts to expect more cases as winter approaches. Experts in the U.S., who have watched Europe as a barometer to what to expect here, are increasingly concerned that the U.S. is not prepared for what is coming especially after the largest number of new COVID-19 cases, over 100,000, were reported on November 4. (CNBC)

The U.S. has fewer hospitals than most industrial nations which is reflective of how the U.S. allocates its resources in relation to providing care to patients. This has become even more apparent during the pandemic which has strained the healthcare system in this country and highlighted the need for more doctors, nurses and hospitals. (NPR)

When England rolls out its vaccine for COVID-19, it will face multiple hurdles to vaccinate 68 million people. One hurdle, which occurs whenever a new treatment is rolled out, is monitoring what, if any, negative side effects may occur. Given that the entire country will eventually be inoculated against COVID-19, there is no question that there will be people who have some sort of adverse reaction to the vaccine. To help keep an eye on this, the U.K. government is going to use A.I. to help monitor and identify any negative trends in the general population. (Fortune)