Pharma News for December 21, 2020

Though a dry run was conducted a month ago, there have been significant mistakes and delays in getting the Pfizer vaccine to the places where it’s supposed to go and in the correct amounts. (Biopharmadive)

For pharma companies, and investors, vaccines and infectious disease investments were not “sexy” research or money-making propositions. However, with the explosion of a global pandemic, companies are taking another look at developing the infrastructure to be prepared for the inevitable next virus. (Fiercebiotech)

With hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel with the arrival of multiple vaccines for Covid-19, news has come out of the UK that there is a mutated version of the virus circulating around the country. Other European countries have begun banning travel and delivery of goods from England. Health experts in the US are concerned that the new, mutated version of Covid-19 is already here though undetected. (CNBC)

After it came out a few weeks ago that the White House had turned down 100 million additional doses of the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine, there has been an announcement that both sides are nearing a deal for the 100 million extra doses of the vaccine. (Forbes)

Much like people who pick up extra work driving for Lyft, Uber or are delivery drivers, temporary nurses are in great demand if they are willing to take on the riskiest of work, working at hospitals who have been hit hard by Covid-19. (NPR)