Pharma News for April 12, 2021

As many people were predicting, given the typical amount of time that the current Covid-19 vaccines are good for, the CEO of Pfizer has stated that people will probably need to get a booster shot 12 months after being fully vaccinated. (CNBC)

A study by the CDC and Kansas State University has been released and has found that keeping the middle seat on passenger planes would reduce the spread of Covid-19 by 57%. The study didn’t take into account that airlines mandate wearing a mask so that number could easily be higher. However, many airlines have stated that they will not block off the middle seat in their attempt to recoup some of the money lost over the past year. (CNBC)

In the continuing battle between the Federal government and hospitals to force hospitals to be more transparent about prices they charge patients to avoid unexpected financially crippling bills, lawmakers are urging the HHS (Health and Human Services) to provide oversight after mounting evidence that hospitals are ignoring this mandate. (Healthcaredive)