Pharma News – December 11, 2019

Your weekly dose of interesting tidbits from around the pharma web…


With the major Democratic 2020 candidates campaigning on lowering drug prices, march-in rights are now back in focus as a tool to achieve that goal. Biopharmas are setting too-high prices for drugs discovered with taxpayer support, the argument goes, which ought to spur the government to take possession of their patents to lower costs. The Trump administration also has shown some interest in pharma patents. (Biopharmadive)


It’s common knowledge that Americans living in rural areas have poorer health outcomes than their urban counterparts. But, despite policy efforts to ameliorate disparities, the gap is not getting any better, according to several new studies published in Health Affairs this week. (Healthcaredive)


In an interview on stage Thursday at the 2019 Forbes Healthcare Summit in New York, Anthem chief executive Gail Boudreaux said the key to improving health outcomes is the health plan’s future use of data and analytics. (Forbes)


The House is planning to hold a showdown vote on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill that would allow Medicare to negotiate prices for prescription drugs. It may pass the House, but it is not expected to succeed in the Senate. The bill is not backed by the White House. (Associated Press)


U.S. hospital groups have challenged the Trump administration’s rule that requires them to be more transparent about prices they charge patients for healthcare services, according to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday. (Reuters)


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