PharmaginConnect Case Studies

The traditional world of speaker bureaus is changing. While face to face interaction will always remain important, digital tools provide a complementary way to get content to HCPs, communicate regularly and maintain effective relationships. There was already a gradual trend towards virtual meetings in recent years, and Covid-19 has naturally driven a major acceleration during 2020. But simply moving a traditional meeting campaign online is not enough – pharma companies and their agencies must for innovative new ways to engage HCPs in mutually-beneficial relationships, providing them with the information they need when they need it and opening up wider channels for communication and learning.  PharmaginConnect provides exactly this opportunity.

The case studies below describe aspects of how we help our clients develop and maintain these deeper HCP relationships.

Ensuring Compliance Amid Change

Challenge: A multi-brand, dermatology-focused pharmaceutical company was struggling to maintain rigorous compliance with industry, state and federal laws in the light of 2020’s shift to virtual meetings. They could track spending at a local level, but tracking aggregate spend vs limits alongside ongoing changes to their sales organization structure proved difficult. They needed accurate data tracking and reporting of budget and spending as well as organization activity and effectiveness, and sought a solution that could centrally manage all of this.  In addition, with speakers doing more virtual speaking engagements it became even more critical to closely monitor the speaker honoria contracting/approval process and ensure compliance around speaker training, spend, contract validity, and expense submission.

Solution: Using Pharmagin’s industry-leading Integrated Speaker Program platform, our client consolidated all of their virtual meeting logistics and spend tracking in one place within an initial 3 month engagement, including modules to manage speaker contracting/honoraria and presentation management. This enabled them to generate performance and compliance reports consistently and drive improvement. Complete data integrity along with features like electronic signature capture and expense upload mean that full compliance is ensured.