In recent years, both pharma companies and their medcomm agencies are under increasing pressure to ensure compliance with regulations such as the Sunshine Act. Pharmagin makes this straightforward.

Pharmas often outsource execution of educational activities such as speaker programs to 3rd parties.  While they provide logistical expertise and support, you ultimately own compliance management – the DOJ actions target pharma and life science entities, not 3rd parties. Pharmagin provides a comprehensive platform that enables you to take control.


Our comprehensive platform provides workflows and checkpoints that enable you to prevent fraudulent activities before they occur. It organizes full documentation of the program activities that ensures complete traceability. It is easy to use for Sales and Marketing teams, as well as 3rd-party logistics providers. With nearly 1,000 configurable elements, the platform can support best practice while tailored to your needs.


Find out howPharmagin’s compliance solutions meet
the requirements of PhRMA Code 2022


  • Attendance frequency checking – prohibit individuals from attending multiple programs with same topic, and other rules
  • Capture electronic signature with geo-location (that confirms Attendee was at program)
  • Sales Rep attestation check
  • Speaker honoraria cap management (by honoraria amount, by quantity of engagements) automation 
  • Automated speaker contract management
  • Fair market value assessment of Speaker honoraria
  • Cap on T&E reimbursement for Speakers, with alerts
  • Enforce attendee recruitment requirement prior to program approval
  • Automatic program cancellation if attendee minimums are not met
  • Transfer of Value alerts and caps
  • Virtual Program attendance logging, duration tracking
  • For non-targeted attendees, referral tracking
  • Database of compliant venues for programs
  • Automated speaker invoices to eliminate false charges
  • Integration with CRM, data warehouse solutions
  • Content for HCP Presentations is pre-approved and managed within client workflows