Keep your HCP Relationships going with Pharmagin Virtual Meetings & PhysicianView

In recent Pharmagin blog posts, we discussed the compliance challenges around sales operations – managing budgets and inevitable changes to teams and regions. We also reviewed the latest Pharmagin Data Insights, looking at the selection and utilization of speakers.

Now we turn to the vital topic of conversation that is occupying all of us at the moment – coronavirus. Naturally the restricted movement and gathering measures are causing major difficulties for many people, on both a personal and professional level. At Pharmagin we send all of you our very best wishes to get through this difficult time safely.

Given the difficulty of conducting normal speaker programs in the current situation, you may well be wondering how it’s possible to keep getting relevant messages and content to HCPs, and how to keep those relationships going in general.  Physicians’ focus is understandably dominated by the virus and its implications right now, nonetheless it’s important to keep them abreast of developments with pharma products more broadly.

To this end, we offer two key tools that allow you to maintain your business: Keep your HCP relationships going with Pharmagin Virtual Meetings & PhysicianView:


1. Virtual Speaker Meetings
We have recently incorporated this capability into our platform. It allows you to create virtual programs within SalesView then manage related invitees (including target lists), budgets, logistics, invitations and so on. Then conduct the actual event from within SpeakerView, including the capability for speaker to conduct live polls or make on-screen annotations visible to all viewers.  

After the event, you can gather attendee stats or download a recording to share more widely.

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2. PhysicianView

Our mobile app for iOS or Android provides a great communications channel between pharma, agencies and HCPs. This is even more important in this current period of reduced ‘regular’ touchpoints.

Reps can use PhysicianView to promote upcoming virtual meetings, invite targeted HCPs, send reminders and clarify logistics if necessary.  They can share any relevant content (PDF, video, presentations) before or after a meeting. And if any HCPs missed the meeting, you can follow up and share the recording.
You can also use PhysicianView to directly chat with HCPs, either in groups or one-to-one.

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As you can see, using these parts of our platform together provides a great opportunity to Keep your HCP Relationships going with Pharmagin Virtual Meetings & PhysicianView.  If you’d like to hear more about what the Pharmagin system can do – contact us for a no-obligation demo now.