Reporting and Metrics are Your Keys to Success

Reporting and metrics are your keys to success in managing speaker programs, not just to set goals and track HCP engagement, but also to drive improvements and help focus resources. How have your programs been performing? What can you expect from where they are going? What has been trending in healthy directions? What has been trending in unhealthy ones? How can you grow and better serve HCPs and patients? Are your programs fully compliant? If you’re not receiving a full picture of your campaigns – from speaker contracts and budget planning to results to HCP feedback – you are missing out on key factors that affect your business.


It is very difficult to manage programs without a clear view of your budget showing all necessary details in one place . Effective budget planning tools must allow allocation of specific spend to each region, team or HCP, automated Transfer of Value tracking, and easy handling for changes to regional or team budget structure. Pharmagin has built a dynamic set of cloud based tools which do exactly that. And with available customization, you can have access to all the specific budgeting reports you need to make informed decisions.

Example Budgeting Report

Drowning in Data

If you find you have an overabundance of data, but are lacking the tools on how to boil it down, Pharmagin can help. Our platform allows you to sort through the noise and pinpoint where to look for improvements, recognize what is working well, and better manage the relationships between data sources. Easily track relevant metrics on speaker utilization, budget compliance, HCP attendance, cost per program, cost per team or even cost per HCP reached without the need to use a disparate array of tools and resources that don’t always work together.

Example Attendee Report

Achieve Your Goals

Good reporting and metrics allow you to effectively set and track towards you goals. Those goals should be specific and provide clarity about what you want to achieve. At the simplest level, you could measure the baseline performance for your speaker programs in 2018, then clear improvement targets to work toward in 2019. With Pharmagin’s customizable reporting, you can go much deeper with weekly or monthly tracking to fine tune every aspect of your program planning and execution.

HCP & Patient Feedback

Are you capturing HCP and patient feedback? If not, why? This is a growing, but still vastly untapped data segment that can only help improve the quality of your products and programs, as well as allow you to pinpoint areas where costs could be better managed. Pharmagin is on the cutting edge, using apps and the latest tech to improve the capture rate and quality of the data captured. Sales reps can easily implement feedback systems – through features like our phone/tablet app – that allow you to gather quantitative, but also qualitative data, including anonymized anecdotes from HCPs about drug education and patient stories, completing the loop for an on-going ‘virtuous cycle’.

Post Event Survey Sample


Accurate meeting planning requires accurate reporting for budget planning, recording, and compliance. With Pharmagin’s technological advances, we integrate all aspects of registration, budget allocation and delegate information recording, ensuring that all the required information is collated, stored and reported in a compliant manner. The Pharmagin cloud based speaker meeting platform has been developed to ensure adherence to strict reporting requirements like the Sunshine Act, HIPAA and other regulations.

So, as we’ve described, reporting and metrics are your keys to success! Pharmagin’s ability to monitor on HCP and patient feedback, speaker program planning and execution, employee activity, outcomes and spend through dynamic reports and metrics gives you the flexibility, the data, the security of knowing you have the information you need to improve your programs and ultimately offer HCPs and patients better knowledge and outcomes.

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