Increasing HCP Engagement Through Speaker Program Technology


Building meaningful relationships with HCPs is key to pharmaceutical sales success, and so it’s crucial for medcomm agencies. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can start using speaker program technology to increase engagement with HCPs and pharma for better program ROI.



How to Use Technology to Maximize HCP Engagement


Life Science companies are constantly looking for ways to build and deepen relationships with HCPs. They employ teams of medical science liaisons as one way to do this, but rely heavily on their Medcomm agency to build ongoing two-way interactions that last beyond the end of a specific speaker program.


Medcomms that utilize the right technology to maximize HCP engagement will have a great competitive advantage in retaining and winning future pharma clientele. 


To guide you in selecting the right solution for your agency, here are the Top 4 Functions Your Speaker Program Technology Must Do To Maximize HCP Engagement: 


1. Engage the Right Audience

Having strong intelligence about which HCPs to target for speaker programs as well as streamlining how they’re accounted for is critical to program success. That means your agency speaker program technology needs to integrate with key HCP databases and provide a flexible, brandable set of portal technologies.


2. Simplify Event Logistics

Your technology should have a complete communication protocol for emailing or alerting HCPs about events and also support mobile devices (as few HCPs sit behind a computer all day). It should allow HCPs to maintain their speaker bureau meetings in one calendar, receive notifications and directions for upcoming meetings, automatically check-in and complete e-signature capture on site.


3. Easy Access of Presentation Materials

A robust speaker program technology solution should allow pharma companies the ability to share presentations, videos and other information before, during and after speaker meetings, within compliance and approved content guidelines.  


Beyond the end of a speaker program campaign, the right technology will also provide HCPs a repository of approved educational content from speaker programs, whether they attended or not. This provides the pharmas with a way to continually update and educate HCPs on their products, and gather invaluable deeper feedback on changing HCP needs and behaviors that go far beyond the short term effects of speaker programs.


4. Gather Feedback

And in true “web-oriented” fashion, the ability for HCPs to communicate back to agencies and brands about their experiences in a program is incredibly vital to designing future programs and messaging. Post-meeting surveys should be automatically provided to HCP attendees to ensure a high completion rate with fresh responses. That survey capability can add a layer of performance evaluation that typically isn’t a part of speaker program management. It also provides a key indicator on how to approach the rest of the HCP’s organization.


Survey tools should also be extended long after the end of a specific program to test effects on HCP knowledge and usage of products. This has enormous implications for delivering long-term relationships and ultimately tying these programs right through to improved patient outcomes and new product development.



Making Speaker Program Technology Your Competitive Advantage


The Medcomm agencies that utilize speaker program technology in the ways listed above will ultimately be capable of providing their pharma clients with much more measurable and effective speaker programs. This will set these Medcomms ahead of their competitors where many times their homemade agency technology is a hindrance and liability rather than a strategic advantage.


Our Medcomm clients understand this and it is why they trust Pharmagin’s proven tech platform for their pharma marketing campaigns. We’ve spent over 10 years focused solely on technology to support medical communications and logistics agencies so your agency can focus on what you do best.


Start making your speaker program technology a strength, not a weakness and schedule a free no obligation demo today!


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