Five Tips for Pharma Marketing and Speaker Programs in 2019

You’ve planned and set goals for 2019, but do you have a clear course of action for meeting your objectives to ensure your pharma marketing and speaker programs flourish in this new year? To that end, here’s a list of five tips for pharma marketing, ideas that might help you implement your speaker programs in 2019.

Establish Implementation Intentions

You are probably reviewing your goals and making sure your actions are in line with them. But have you established specific implementation intentions? Some studies suggest there are benefits to establishing implementation intentions using “if-then” strategies to ensure you meet your objectives. According to a meta-analysis study published in Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, findings from 94 independent tests have shown that implementation intentions had a positive effect on goal achievement. So as you review your goals for 2019, try incorporating some implementation intentions where the “if” are situational circumstances and the “then” is your response. For example, if you don’t meet your marketing objectives for January, what will your response be? What will you change to make sure you meet or exceed your objectives in February? Thinking about your potential circumstances and responses on the front-end will set you up for success when it’s time to implement a plan of action.

Be Creative

  • How can your pharma marketing and speaker programs stand out?
  • How can you be more effective in your program facilitation?
  • How can you incorporate technology in your programs?
  • How can you encourage more interaction with HCPs in your programs?

There are ways to help you discover creative answers to the questions above. Researchers from University of California, Berkeley found that believing creativity can be increased led to higher levels of creativity. And the more you think creatively, the more you will be able to do so in the future because the brain connections related to creativity become stronger. One way to set yourself up for creativity is allocating time to quiet, undistracted thought. Try setting aside 15-20 minutes each day away from email, social media, and any other distractions to brainstorm new ideas that are outside the typical industry standards. This practice will help you unlock “the digressive, slow, uncertain parts of ourselves that are key to creativity,” according to author Maggie Jackson.

Give the HCPs What They Want

It’s easy to talk about your pharma product features and focus on the information you want to convey to HCPs about how great your products are. But HCPs are human beings and every human being wants to know how your product will improve their lives — and in HCPs cases, the lives of their patients. So try delivering your sales pitches and marketing materials with a focus on how your products can help HCPs deliver more effective care to their patients, save their time, save their energy, and set them up to be more successful in their endeavors.

Focus on Feedback

Try incorporating more surveys, more questionnaires, and additional opportunities for your target market to give you information that will help you know how to better meet their needs. Ask speaker program attendees to provide feedback – not just on basics like event comms, the food and drinks or the meeting space, AV and technology, but go deeper and find out how they rated the speaker, how educational the information was, whether it will actually change their behavior going forward. Take the opportunity to reinforce any social and networking opportunities offered. Be open to their responses even if some of them are critical, and be sure to ‘close the loop’ by letting them know what changes you’ll make. Negative responses can be some of the most helpful responses as you continue to improve your speaker program planning and delivery.

Review and Use Your Data for Future Success

Maybe you’re collecting feedback and helpful data related to your pharma marketing and speaker programs, but what are you doing with it? If you have a lot of potentially useful information, but don’t know what to do with it, Pharmagin can help. Our platform helps you find ways to improve the effectiveness of your speaker programs, know more about what you’re doing right, and look for trends that can assist you as you make decisions about future events. Pharmagin gives you the capability to track important information related to speaker utilization, budget compliance, HCP attendance, cost per program, cost per team or even cost per HCP reached without the need to use several different tools and resources that don’t always work seamlessly together.

We wish you much success in your pharma marketing and speaker program implementation in 2019. We hope these five tips for pharma marketing will help you accomplish all your goals for the new year! Get in touch for a free demo now.