Case Study: Establishing Effective Speaker Program Management

Client Success Story: Establishing Effective Speaker Program Management with Pharmagin

We know the power of implementing Pharmagin as a complete solution platform to better serve pharma customers, but it’s a different story to see it played out in real life—with results that are worth sharing with you. This case study describes how our client used Pharmagin to establish more Effective Speaker Program Management

A mid-sized life sciences company came to us with a need to simplify and improve their speaker program management process, which can be a headache-inducing task filled with worries of budgets, approvals, and compliance. We worked alongside our client to integrate their existing CRM with the Pharmagin Speaker Program Management Platform, and we didn’t stop there. Training our client on how to use our cloud-based solution and establishing regular communications maximized the benefits of our powerful technology solution. Our client experienced real-time improved results with a more efficient management system.

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