2019 Educational Campaign

The pharmaceutical sales industry faces many challenges. With evolving standards, increased regulations, and new players entering the market, it can feel like you’re continually standing on rocky ground trying to find your footing. Pharmagin’s aim for our 2019 Educational Campaign is to provide information and tools that will help MedComm agencies and life sciences companies navigate this tricky landscape.

According to pharmaexec.com, the FDA is now approving more drugs and biologics for companies that have never had a previous FDA approval. With newer, smaller companies entering the industry, there is a need for effective and quick technology options that these companies can use to track the results of their marketing efforts.

Drug prices also continue to be scrutinized, pushing pharmaceutical companies to give more thought to the different building blocks of their commercialization process, including marketing costs. With pressure on ROI, data becomes increasingly more critical. If you have the right data, you can have a more accurate view of where you are currently, where you have come from in the past, and how you can get to where you want to be in the future.

Patient outcomes are receiving more attention, as well. The industry is entering a “patient-centric” climate that monitors and measures the impact of drugs and biotech products over the course of several years. Ron Philip, chief commercial officer for Spark Therapeutics, says the industry is moving forward in the direction of being more concerned about patient outcomes. He states, “I don’t think we’re going back to where we were in the ’80s, where people just took a pill and hoped that it worked, and you just paid the price.”

Building relationships with HCPs and providing high levels of value through speaker programs will continue to be integral components of pharma marketing efforts, so it’s essential to take advantage of the power of technology to make the most impact with your speaker programs and speaker program feedback.

Pharmagin’s aim for our 2019 Educational Campaign is to provide information and tools that will help MedComm agencies and life science companies manage their logistics, improve communication with healthcare providers, and gather crucial data and feedback. Our platform equips pharma companies to navigate the industry’s evolving standards and regulations better while enabling them to give more sustained attention to improved patient care and outcomes and enhanced HCP relationships. They will be able to add more value that will increase the effectiveness of speaker programs. Pharma companies can then harness these benefits of the platform to improve the ROI of its speaker programs and unlock opportunities for new revenue.

Our customizable web-based platform is a management solution for the compliance and logistics of key opinion leader (KOL) speaker programs. The Pharmagin platform takes an innovative, data-centric approach to solve the challenges facing speaker program planners at the agency and pharmaceutical company levels. Our team has over a decade of experience in SaaS technologies, and our clients rely on us to be innovative, agile and responsive. Our platform has successfully helped manage over 20 product launches for major life sciences clients and their medical communication agencies.

Pharmagin works with a range of pharma and MedComm agency clients, whether they have an established technology or are looking to add one to their client services. Whatever your situation, we can help you expand and improve your offerings and speaker programs.

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